January 3rd, 2017

a poem / freehanded rhyme about depression, overcoming fear, and how you are loved, and you are not alone.


dedicated to a friend of mine going through a tough time. you’re gonna make it, hun. šŸ™‚


You’re Not Alone

Feeling odd.
Not knowing
How I ought
To behave.
Should I be
Is it all just a dream?
Live without
All this fear
Of letting down
People I love,
Can’t hear you
Can’t hear you speak.
When I turn off
My radio
I can hear
Clearer now.
All in my head,
(I’m being dumb)
It’s nothing big,
I am redeemed,
I am loved.
Fears are real,
Feelings are alive,
Don’t let how you feel
Define how you live your life.
You are not what you feel,
You are not what you think,
Doesn’t matter if you “let them down”,
You are much more than words,
Or a chemical compound,
You are real,
You have a brain.
Breathe in the air,
Open your eyes;

You’re not alone.

You’re appreciated
And loved,
Everyone is not out to get you.
Open your eyes,
Breathe in the air,
You have a brain.
You are real.