d e c e m b e r – 3 1 s t , 2 0 1 6 ( n o . 2 )

Leaving this year, I have a lot of regrets. But I wouldn’t take back a thing I’ve done.

You see, I’m human.

I don’t know everything. But, I’m learning.

I’m learning from my mistakes and, slowly but surely, becoming the person God has me to be.

I’m learning something new every single day and, though I’m regretful of choices I’ve made, opportunities I’ve missed, and the way I’ve mistreated people, I know this:


Though I am prone to change, and my faith wavers in this stormy sea of a life, Christ walks upon all water, calms any storm, and relentlessly blesses me. Continually.


This coming year, in 2017, I want to change.

I’m not making resolutions: I’m making plans.

I will do these things, and I’m determined to do them. To give myself extra motivation, and a little push and pull, I’m posting my new year’s goals online.

Here are my top 5 new year’s goals:

(1)  Spend morning time with Christ. Whether it be 1 minute or 1 hour, I want the first person/thing I think of to be Christ.

(2) Realize the goal, and begin with the end in mind. I need to realize my actions have consequences. For example, eating an old, unrefrigerated cupcake will result in food poisoning. (Let’s not talk about it.)

(3) Improve in music. I’ve fallen in love with music, and I’m beginning a band with my friends. I don’t know about them, but I am LOVING learning instruments, and improving my vocal range. I wanna take my musical interest somewhere. Maybe a hobby, or even a career?

(4) Join some sort of extracurricular activity, like ASB or theatre. I want to make an impact in my community. Maybe I’ll become a member of a local garden?

(5) Be able to do 10 push-ups. So far, I can barely do one. Chocolate and pastries are my friends and enemies. Also, maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Maybe limit sweets to every other day, and even then, consume in moderation.


God, give me the strength to do all of these things! They’re easier said than done, and about as quirky and I am.

And, now that I’ve told you about my goals for next year, let me bestow upon you some things I learned in the very eventful year of 2016.


Lessons I’ve learned:

(1) Always be yourself. An original is worth far more than a copy.

(2) Don’t let others determine your future, because they don’t. It’s you, and you only that can really get to yourself. Don’t let them change you.

(3) Hold everything with an open grip. If God takes it away, it wasn’t no yours to have in the first place. And don’t hold on. If you hold on tight, it’ll hurt even more when God takes it from your hands.

(4) Be still, be quiet, be silent, think. It’s  better to observe and know more than others think you do, than run your mouth and remove all doubt. Observe carefully, it’ll take you far and save you time.

(5) Live your life, moment by moment, day by day. Absorb the advice you’re given, evaluate its worth, and see if it’s truly worth absorbing.

Continue to pursue Christ in all you do, praying you can do great.


“You can do anything if you’ve got enough nerve.” -J.K. Rowling


Have an absolutely awesome new year. Love everything you do. Pursue what you want to pursue, live your life day by day, and jump the hurdles as they come.


“Drive needs no push, passion needs no pull.” -Connor Franta


You’ve got the capacity to make things a disaster, but you’ve got the capacity to change the world for the best possible. You choose.



goodbye, 2016.

hello, 2017.




1 thought on “d e c e m b e r – 3 1 s t , 2 0 1 6 ( n o . 2 )

  1. Love this! God to see you’re writing again…keep it up! Great insights❤️

    In all things we continue to pray! Leslie



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