p r e s e n t s

Christmas was a huge success and I’m so blessed! We hauled in tons of gifts this year, including practically everything on my Christmas wish list.


But, these material things aren’t really what I’ve been wanting. I’ll tell you what I’ve been longing for.


Peace. For the human race, for our economy, for our country/countries. Everywhere. Everyone. Can’t we get along?

We can have our opinions, we can voice them, but in the end of the day, the other person has a choice to accept or decline your advice. If they decline, don’t shove it down their throat(s).


Joy. For humanity. We’ve seemed to lose our joy, and lose eye on what matters most; and that is Christ. We’re empty, broken people who are in desperate need of revival. Not some watered-down, soapy revival you typically think of when you think gospel-wise.

Revival is literally healing someone who is nearly dead. Exhausted. Dehydrated. Starved. Gorey. Bruised. Beaten. Destitute. Alone.

We, humanity, people, need saving. We need to get up and change our world. If we don’t, who will?


Provisions. For the less fortunate. How can someone find joy easily with an empty stomach? I can think of a long list of all the locations I’ve seen homeless people, and all the families less fortunate than I.

No, I don’t have my life all together. In fact, I don’t think I ever have, ever do, or ever will. Money has always been tight, I don’t want many people knowing of (irony is I’m sharing it on the internet for everyone to see, yoohoo). I’m uncomfortable. But I’m still fortunate enough to have a roof over my head, clothes on my body, a couple meals every day, and all of my necessities. Including some not-so-necessary items, like makeup, my phone, etc.


What I’m saying is I am more fortunate than others, I thank God for that. I’m not in any way running this in anyone’s face(s), but would much rather put it out there that I’d much rather have peace, joy, and provision for those who don’t have what they need.

Thank you, to everyone who blessed me this Christmas season. Please, continue and pass on the blessings to those in need / those less fortunate. Your kind words or small gift to them may change lives. May God bless you, I love you all.





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