As I am Working, It is Well

Right now, as I am currently working on my homework, I’d love to encourage you Californians to look out your windows and take a breif pause at approximately 7:15pm every day to just look at the sky and ponder at the beauty of God.

How marvelous He is.

I can’t help but have the old hymn “It Is Well” playing in my mind. Not because life is currently good, but because it is going so “wrong”.

“But HOW is it well with your soul?”

I’m getting sick when I’m supposed to be giving a devotional tomorrow in front of an audience, I’m going on a camping trip next week with my friends at a Christian school, and my days revolve around God and I spend them mostly studying in my room.

It is well because I see it this way•

•the enemy doesn’t like that I’m leading a God-centered time of praise and faith growing so he wants me to be sick. I see it as an opportunity for God to strengthen my trust and faith in Him, which is something I’ve been struggling with.

•I’m getting sick because I’m going camping next week. This tells me that God is doing something crazy with my school and the enemy doesn’t want me partaking in the activities.

•I’m sick of studying. But this is like fasting. It gives me an opportunity to cry out to Him and ask Him for strength and devotion to Him and my work.

Speaking of which, I have to get back to my homework. I pray He used me to help you.

God bless!