The Enemy

You gave him an inch, but he took a mile.

You showed him a frown, but he showed you a smile. “It’s okay. That God up there doesn’t love you anyways.”

And you’ve been believing the lies of sin, and every time you “start over again” to “fix your behavior” that you’re “wanting to change” yet you’re stuck in his trap and you feel like you just can’t do anything to break out of that cellar, dark and cold, where the world believes that it is in control.

Its too late for that multitude’s eyes. God tried to help them but they believed the lies of Lucifer, his last name “Sin”. He gives you the urge to start over again so he tricks you and makes you believe that the lies of the world are all what they seem. “Power and fame, fortune and grace! I’ll give it to you if you bow down to me. Sign here, it’s a simple agreement. If you can’t be a “good person” then you just won’t make it to Heaven. But don’t worry though, I’ve got your back. Now your in control! Take the lead ’cause that God isn’t real. Abused with crushed dreams? I understand how you feel. God is not who He seems. If He loves you, then why should you hurt or fear the complete and total absolute worst ? If God has control, then why is there sin? Sign my contract and start over again.”

Satan hands you a pen and says with a smile, “of course, if you sign, you’ll be staying a while. It’s rude not to. Yes it’s true. Just sign! Sign and all power will belong to you! I promise, I promise every word is true. This earth will now at your feet and they’ll belong to you.”

Now you take the pen and see the dotted line, yet in the fine print God placed a sign that could possibly save you and your soul. “To Heaven and eternity is to where you will go if you do one small thing: believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and you’ll never depart from me if your soul has been saved by me on a throne, not a cellar. There’s no contract needed. Just a promise, my child. I’ve been around for much longer a while than Satan has. I’ve created it all. I’ll be there to see it rise and I’ve been there to see it fall. There’s nothing that can separate me from you. There is just one thing that you must be willing to do: admit that you’re a sinner and that you’ll die to your sin. My child, I love you. I’ll help you start your life over again.

A memory runs straight through your mind from the time you were birthed and conceived as a child. An old woman, a “believer” she was called, kind and wrinkly: she’d seen it all. She saw revivals and missions, false prophets and warriors, wars and peace. She knew the Lord well. She knelt down beside you as you looked at her there. “Child of God, blessed and mighty is He, may the good Lord bless you and keep you forever. Indeed, may He seek you and find you and keep you and bless you. Redeem you and cherish you and love you and save you. Your soul be kept by the Lord in Heaven. Just don’t sign Satan’s contract, for its a mistake. He will promise great power but instead gives you great sorrow when you don’t get what you asked for. He will tell you there’s always tomorrow to repent and get right, but it’s not. Listen to him and you’ll lose the fight. Just listen to God and you’ll come out more than alright.”

Her face, wrinkly and wise, knew what she was saying. You saw the Spirit of God in her eyes. You drop the pen and rip the contract in two.

“No more!” You scream. “Satan, I’m done with you. You can have nothing from me. Im over, I’m through. Im not signing your contract. I just can’t believe your lies. My life isn’t yours. My life isn’t mine. It’s God’s ’cause it’s He who created my soul. Satan, not sorry, I’m letting you go.”

In Jesus name, you give your heart to God: the one who was and is and is to come. Satan has fled, there’s no trace of him left. It’s just you three: You, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.