I am so angry right now.

I look at this messed up world and I get angry.

I look at the lies satan has told and I get angry.

I honestly feel like I could lose my mind and burst out in rage right now at any second,

but I don’t.


Because Jesus died for my transgressions and I don’t want to knowingly purposely let Him down.

I started buying into the Madison Avenue lie this week, thinking that I need an Instagram to tell the world about myself, get better clothes, and “earn” more glory for myself.

After all, God has all of the glory, so He won’t mind if I take some for myself for once, would He?

Of course He would!

I feel like screaming at myself, yelling “You idiot! Why would you believe that?!”

I am so angry!

I can’t believe I did that!

I am not one to use the word “hate”.

Unless I truly despise something, I say “strongly dislike” instead of “hate”.

Hatred is the hope that something will die off.

Not many people realize that.

I hate what satan has done to this earth.

And satan hates my savior, Jesus.

And he also hates Christianity.

Thats why he is trying to discourage us.

When God gives you a sign and all of His signs point to an answer that lines up with His Word, keep pursuing God.

If you are biblically in line with God’s Word, this world will attack you for it.

It will hate you.

And satan will try to destroy your faith, but he can’t unless you let him.

Keep going.

Keep running the great race.

Keep following Jesus.

If the world hates you, you have much more of a reason to keep doing what you are doing for God’s glory.

God bless all who read this.

Keep following Jesus.