Sick (Again)


Take heart, I have overcome the world.

(John 16:33)

Okay, I knew it was a bad idea. My biological father (whom I call Daddy) texts my mom for the first time in Lord knows how long and tells her to call my grandma.

With some hassle, my grandma answers the phone and explains that my little cousins miss me. To my surprise, I never hear a peep out of them about how badly they miss me when I get there. Weird, huh?

I go to my grandma’s anyways with this bad, flip-floppy feeling in my stomach. You see, I am a strong believer; they are strong atheists. Well, when I arrive, my cousins were absent because they had a “minor cough and runny nose,” as my grandma told me. Sure enough and without fail, I said that it was probably allergies and my grandma telephones my great grandma to drop them off. I meant it was just allergies and they should stay home anyways, not call them over and have them sneeze all over me!

Seriously, they were disgusting.

Because I was sick, I missed a great fellowshiping time on Friday where everyone dressed up from my favorite time era (1920s) and danced the charleston while drinking mint juleps.

My point is, the enemy attacks in strange ways. Here’s a big picture of the scenario: my hormones are acting up, I’m now sick, and I somehow always get sick right before Church. Because of my hormones, I feel grumpy and unappreciative. Because I am sick, I’m stuck in my room. Because I missed church, I kind of feel lonely and friendless. The thing is, I’m not!

God is using this time that I am sick to draw me closer to Him! 💛 When you really think about it you go, “Aww! Father-daughter bonding time!” Instead of moping in our comfy beds, let us worship our God by studying His word! (with the exception of looking at cute baby llamas, deer, cats, puppies, slow lorises, and hedgehogs!)

God bless you!

Sincerely, Faithfully, Truthfully,

💛 Hope 💛