poem ~ I am

I am

I am that one bird
On that one wire
On that one day
That makes someone smile.
I sing a new song,
Relentlessly beautiful,
To the one King
Who is oh, so wonderful!

I am that one cat
In that one tree
At that one home
That lives so happily.
I am not lazy, just tired in so many ways.
I’ve been hiding from Dog for what seems like days.

I am that one squirrel
Near that one bench
At that one park
Who never rests.
I have many mouths to feed.
I climb and I climb,
Up these many trees,
Up to my one, wonderful family.

I am that one dog
Behind that one fence
I shall always bark
And never rest.
‘Decease and desist’ they threaten me. I was the one who chased Cat up the tree.

I am that one horse
On that one trail
Who is honorable
And will not fail
To carry you home
On an evening’s breeze
As the wind blows smoothly
Over the seas.

I am that one fox
In that one hole
Who’s outfoxed the man
And lives on the knoll.
My life is nice in my winter home,
And when winter ends,
I’ll have somewhere to go.

I am that one owl
In that one nest
Who is ever so wise
And trying my best
To get through the rain
And keep my kids safe.
Yet, it seems as though winter won’t give me a break.

It seems as though our lives are unfair, as if God hates us and seems not to care. But, don’t be deceived, He’s given His best! You’ll always remain in His heart by His breast.

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