Honestly, it’s not bad to be an outsider to the sinful lifestyle!

This world is just so messed up that we find it hard to accept ourselves. One moment, the world thinks your awesome: then that moment ends and your lost.

I should know this. It stings to bring this up, but I was a victim of the lies of this world. I dressed up as a wolf and had my own YouTube channel and I thought everybody loved me! Then, as I said, that moment ended and I found myself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Sisters, let’s leave that nowhere and go somewhere: with God. Take a huge leap of faith by saying, “I do” to the Creator of the universe! Stop running from God, and start running to God! Make everyday your salvation day and join your Father again! I know it is scary, but it is worth it.

Now, go and relax!

or go fishing for your dog, like me! suprisingly enough, he loves grass.


Sincerely, Faithfully, Joyfully,